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BethTalksTV is going on a short hiatus

Don’t worry, it’s not for long. I’m certainly not leaving you forever. However, I did just graduate from college a couple of weeks back, so I have decided to run off to Europe for a few weeks in celebration.

This means very limited internet access (and hence, no TV blogging) until closer to the end of January.

So, when this terrible, dreadful stupid-holidays,-why-on-earth-is-there-nothing-to-watch? TV rerun doldrums finally ends (…in about 5 days), I won’t even be in the country.

Talk about depressing. How on earth am I supposed to find out who hit Hanna with a car on Pretty Little  Liars? Or if my beloved alien Joshua is going to make it past the first episode of V alive? Read the rest of this entry »

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Darren Criss concert at the Roxy 12/18

Yes, I know this is a TV blog. So I technically should not be blogging about concerts.

But, this was a Darren Criss concert. Darren Criss is on Glee, and Glee is a TV show.  So it totally counts, right? Whatever. I’m blogging about it anyway.

Quick background

First of all, I live in Seattle, so attending a Darren Criss concert in Los Angeles seemed totally out of the question. But I’m spending this weekend in Disneyland (happy college graduation present to me!) – and Darren’s Dec. 18 concert just happened to fall on one of the three days I was in town.

Obviously this was a sign. I decided I had to go.

The concert was at 4pm on Saturday, Dec. 18 at The Roxy in West Hollywood. It was a fairly small venue (mostly all standing room) and it was packed. Oh, and the vast majority of audience members were 18-25 year old girls, so there was a lot of high pitched screaming. Read the rest of this entry »


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Glee’s most improved character: Kurt Hummel

I have to be honest. I didn’t really like the character of Kurt on Glee very much last year.

My feelings for Chris Colfer’s Kurt were about the same as what I felt about Lea Michele’s Rachel. I knew the actor was extremely talented, but the character kind of annoyed me.

I may have thought his performance in “Bad Romance” was one of the best parts of the Lady Gaga episode, but Kurt’s supercilious attitude and his kinda weird Finn-stalking made the character slightly obnoxious.

This season, though, Kurt is one of my favorites

He’s still not my very favorite character on the show. That would be Artie (then Brittany, followed by Puck), but Kurt has managed to make it very high on my list.

Why? Oh that’s easy: Darren Criss. Read the rest of this entry »

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A bit of TV nostalgia: Eastwick

Did you ever watch Eastwick? It was this one show about witches that aired on ABC back in 2009 … and then got cancelled after only 13 episodes.

I did watch it, but watched with very marginal interest. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beth is Gleeking out about StarKid again

I found this online, and I just had to share.

If you’re not familiar with A Very Potter Musical, then it’s probably not going to make much sense. But (the good Stargleek that I am), this video had me cracking up for a while. It is an effortless Glee/AVPM mash-up. Seriously, the creator of this video is a genius. And my hero.

You remember that Glee‘s Blaine told Kurt that he was taunted back at his old school, right? Apparently, Blaine wore glasses back then. And had longer hair. And this weird scar.

Just watch:

Random sidenote: I’ve decided I want Joey Richter to be my best friend. He’s like the coolest person ever. Anyway, this whole video just made my day.

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Oh yeah. I’m also still watching The Vampire Diaries

Hey guys, I realize my posts have been a bit sparse the past week or so. In my defense, finals week (and the week before finals week) really leave very little time for anything other than studying.

But all those essays and exams are now officially behind me, so I should have plenty of time to get all obsessive about TV again.

Now where was I? Oh, right.

So much has happened in the episodes since I last blogged about The Vampire Diaries. Where do I even begin? Read the rest of this entry »

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A merry little Glee Christmas

But first, some sad news: I just found out that new episodes of Glee won’t be returning until February. Seriously, February.

Oh Glee; why are you leaving me for almost two months? This is not acceptable. What on earth am I supposed to obsess over if I don’t have  Glee?

(Wait. Oh yeah.) Anyway…

Season 2, episode 10: A Very Glee Christmas Read the rest of this entry »

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