A super-brief post on Pretty Little Liars

18 Jan

Episode 13 “Know You’re Frenemies”

Wait, so the evil and partially psychoic “A” can apparently can be a good guy now?

She totally just saved Aria and Ezra’s relationship … which was very nice of her. And would be even nicer if she wasn’t the one more or less blackmailing Aria into having to keep it a secret in the first place.

I am super confused.

Especially because Hanna was apparently wrong, and A is not Noel Kahn, like she thought.

So we still have no clue who A is.

Oh, but who called it about Ian being the one who killed Alison? (As was revealed, or very nearly revealed, in this episode.)

Me! I did. I called it. Look who’s smart.

Though, I would be even more impressed with my own super-sleuth detective skills if this particular plot point hadn’t already been strongly hinted at in previous episodes. On at least one, probably multiple occasions.

But whatever. I’m smart. We’re going with that.

We got to see a bit of Toby Cavanaugh in this episode, so that’s cool. I like him, and I hope he gets more significant plotlines throughout the rest of the season.

Other than that, I didn’t really find a whole lot else in this episode that particularly peaked my interest. It was fine, I guess, but nothing stellar.

Probably because Lucas wasn’t in this episode at all, to be completely honest with you.

He better turn back up, get himself a cute girlfriend, and make Hanna all kinds of jealous until she realizes that they are quite obviously meant to be together.

That is all.

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