Mean Girls 2: Horray for cheesy TV movies!

23 Jan

So I heard that Mean Girls 2 is supposed to be a horrible movie. Like really stupid, and an insult to the beloved teen classic (2004) original.

But I’m watching it anyway.

A lot of these actors look really familiar

MG2’s new girl (the Lindsay Lohan character) is Meaghan Martin. You might have seen her before. She’s been in a bunch of Disney channel movies – like with the Jonas Brothers and stuff.

New girl Cady Jo’s unpopular friend, Abby (Jennifer Stone), is Harper from Disney channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place.

Rachel McAdams’ character is Maiara Walsh, Meena from Disney channel’s Cory in the House.  Her two sidekicks are Nicole Anderson  (Macy from Disney’s Jonas L.A.), and some girl who is shockingly not part of the Disney pod-children.

The movie’s Hot Guy is Diego González Boneta, Spencer’s boyfriend Alex from ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

One-sentence plot summary

The details in the sequel are different, but the overall plot is still the same: an unpopular new girl gives into the draw of popularity and alienates all her friends, but eventually learns the importance of being yourself, gets the hot guy, and lives happily ever after.

My verdict

Not nearly as clever, socially relevant, or eerily spot on the in the deconstruction of high school social dynamics as the original – Mean Girls 2 still manages to be a cute and fairly entertaining contribution to the long line of cheesy made-for-TV tween movies.

Check it out if you’re in the mood for harmless tween fluff … or if you’re just kind of bored and have nothing better to watch.

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