Pretty Little Liars: Episode 15

31 Jan

In this episode, Aria and Mr. Fitz go on a date. A real date. Like in public.

The date just has to be in public, like, a bajillion miles away somewhere across the state – where no one knows that adorable little couple is actually an English teacher and his student.

They almost got caught by her parents, but then they didn’t. The whole thing was really suspenseful. (Don’t mind my sarcasm.)

I’m going to pout for a minute

Hanna is having sexually-charged witty banter with a guy who is totally not Lucas. I don’t like this guy. He looks like he doesn’t ever wash his hair. But mainly, he is not Lucas.

I am very upset.

And in exciting casting news

We met a new character this week – a girl on Emily’s swim team named Paige – played by Lindsey Shaw, the actress who played Kat from ABC Family’s now-canceled TV show version of 10 Things I Hate About You.

Paige might be a bully and a total jerk, but I loved the character of Kat in 10 Things, so I am really excited to see her on this show. Now all we need is a guest appearance by Kat’s 10 Things love interest Ethan Peck. Yes? Right. Of course that will happen. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

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