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Pretty Little Liars: I like Lucas better. No, Caleb! … No, Lucas!

Episode 1.19: “A Person of Interest”

I’ve made no secret of how much I like Hanna’s dorky friend Lucas on Pretty Little Liars, and how I’d love to see the two of them to get together. Naturally, then, it made me a little bit upset when some stringy-haired new kid named Caleb came into town and started spending time with Hanna.

But then last week’s episode happened … and I’m kind of in love with Caleb now.

So yeah … I guess I would still like Hanna and Lucas to get together eventually, but for right now I am all about this new Hanna/Caleb pairing. Read the rest of this entry »

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What’s on Beth’s iPod?

Today, I decided it would be fun to deconstruct my iPod playlist and figure out exactly what kind of music I like listening to.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that the two things I blog about most frequently are the TV show Glee and StarKid (the college theatre company that put on A Very Potter Musical).

Not surprisingly, Glee and StarKid make up the vast majority of songs on my iPod. (And when I say “vast majority,” I mean almost 90%) Read the rest of this entry »

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Darren Criss Singing “Don’t You Want Me, Baby”

All right…

Overly-Synthesized, Autotune Version:

Acoustic Version, No Autotune:

See? He sounds just fine without it.

Also, the little Justin Bieber nod at the end was hilarious. How about he and Joe Moses do a “Baby” cover now, too? I’m sure Charlene wouldn’t mind.

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Super boring TV show. Really hot alien.

Ladies and gentlemen …. I have outstanding news. After like three straight episodes of being nowhere to be found, my favorite alien Joshua is finally back on ABC’s V!

Thank goodness. I finally have a reason to watch this obnoxiously dumb show again.

We’re not even five minutes into the episode, and he’s already there. With his smoldering eyes, and his smug smirk, and his deliciously sexy voice. Weird, I suddenly care about corny alien TV shows again. Imagine that.

Hi, Joshua. *melts* Read the rest of this entry »

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Does Glee promote teenage drinking?

Episode 14 of Glee was titled, “Blame It on the Alcohol” – and was devoted to addressing the issue of teenage drinking.

The review I posted of “Blame It on the Alcohol,” however, had very little to do with alcohol. I mostly just rambled about my beloved Kurt and Blaine again. (Seriously, how are these two not a couple yet? Ryan Murphy, make it happen. Now.)

But in the interest of being more on topic, I’ve decided to actually address Glee‘s portrayal of teen drinking Read the rest of this entry »

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Greatest. Mash-Up Video. Ever.

I just found this on the internet, and it pretty much made my life.

Wizard … god … this video is amazing.

And it’s perfect, because Darren is totally a hobbit. Internet awesomeness FTW. ❤

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Letter to MTV’s The Seven About Darren Criss and Starship

Dearest MTV,

I just finished watching your piece on The Seven tonight about Starship, the Chicago musical put on by Glee‘s Darren Criss and his college theatre company, StarKid .

I have to say … congratulations.

Congratulations on managing to do an entire segment on Starship that revolved almost exclusively around Darren Criss … and  featured almost no coverage of anyone in the show’s actual cast.

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