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Saturday is Going to be the Best Day of My Life

I mean, I don’t know what you are doing this Saturday, April 30 at 7pm PT. But I will be extremely busy helping to break the internet – well, at least helping to break YouTube – as a bunch of fans like myself all scramble to watch what is only the greatest, most wonderful, most awesomest space bug comedy adventure romance musical to ever be performed on the face of the planet. Ever.

That’s right, kids. Starship, the new musical by A Very Potter Musical creators Team StarKid is premiering in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. There will be music (and Joey Richter), and dancing (and Joey Richter), and space bug puppets (and Joey Richter), and hilarious witty dialogue … (hopefully, a lot of which will be spoken by Joey Richter).

Starship will also feature a ton of awesome songs written by that one Darren kid from Glee. But none of the songs will be sung by Darren. (A lot of them will, however, be sung by Joey Richter.)

It’s a musical … about space, and bugs, and puppets. And space bug puppets. And it stars Joey Richter. And I have not been more excited about anything this much in a very, very long time now.

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Glee‘s Epic 90 Minute Long “Born This Way”

The first 30 minutes of Glee were a little slow getting started, but the last hour was absolutely fantastic. So did the entire show need to be 90 minutes? Probably not. But I’m still pretty glad that it was.

“Born This Way” was all about loving yourself for who you are – faults, imperfections, and all.

Rachel wants a nose job, so that her cute little Jewish self can look more like 17-year-old Barbie doll incarnate Quinn Fabray. Turns out, however, that Quinn Fabray only looks like Quinn Fabray because she herself bleached her hair, got a nose job, and went on a crazy crash diet.

Moral of the story? Nobody naturally looks like Barbie. So stop trying to. (Plus, Barbie is totally plastic and looks kind of creepy anyway.)

Another plot twist you totally didn’t see coming: Santana and Karofsky are dating! Read the rest of this entry »

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Video Preview: Glee‘s Warblers Sing “Somewhere Only We Know”

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for next week’s Glee. DO NOT read this (or watch the video) if you don’t like spoilers.

And be warned. If you are a diehard Kurt/Blaine/Warblers fan (like I am), then these are definitely the most spoileriest of spoilers.

The video below is a clip from “Born This Way,” the 90-minute long Glee extravaganza airing April 26. It shows the Warblers performing Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” in the courtyard of McKinley high school during the April 26 episode of Glee.

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Glee Neglects the Warblers; I Neglect My Ability to Care About Glee

Armed with the title “A Night of Neglect,” tonight’s Glee was designed specifically with the goal of showcasing the talent of all it’s under-used and under-appreciated characters.

It was an episode for Glee‘s neglected. Background performers like Tina, Mike, and Mercedes finally got their well-deserved moment in the spotlight, while attention hogs like Rachel Berry and Blaine Anderson were forced to keep uncharacteristically silent.

This all sounded good in theory. And I was fully on board with this new arrangement … until I realized it would translate into almost no screen time for Darren Criss.

A Night of Neglect? Um, not if we’re neglecting the Warblers! I mean yeah, they’re over-used. And they are totally detracting from my ability to pay attention to any of Glee‘s actual main characters. So I realize why it’s wise to take a break from them. Still, that doesn’t make it any easier … Read the rest of this entry »

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Darren Criss is the Only One He’s Dreaming Of

So I was going to write a Glee recap tonight .. and I promise I still will.

But before I sat down to write, I got a  little distracted by watching a video of Darren Criss. (Don’t worry, this happens to me quite frequently.) And obviously Darren is much cooler than writing some silly recap of Glee  – so sharing this anecdote therefore takes immediate blogging priority.

The video that spurred this little blogging frenzy was Glee-related anyway: It’s an interview and performance of the Warblers on The Today Show this morning. Darren was doing his usual singing-while-everybody-else-hums-along routine, when he suddenly flubbed a line. Read the rest of this entry »

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Five Reasons I Don’t Like Blaine

First of all, I need to preface this little rant by saying that I actually love watching Darren Criss in his role as  preppy show choir frontman Blaine Anderson on Glee every week.

I adore Blaine. His romance with Kurt (Chris Colfer) is the sweetest and most innocent relationship I’ve seen on TV in a while. Plus, let’s just be honest here – Darren Criss is extremely attractive. (This is less of an opinion and more of an undeniable scientific fact. Look it up or something.)

Lately, though, Blaine has been getting on my nerves. Partially, it’s the fact that the character is too wonderful, popular and infallible for his own damn good. But I’ve come to believe there’s something more to it, too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Julia Albain’s “A Glamorously Unglamorous Life” – Yep. I finished reading it already!

I promised to give an update after I finished reading Julia Albain’s new book, “A Glamorously Unglamorous Life.” And, yeah, her book might have only came in the mail last night, but I already finished reading it like hours ago! So here we go:

The 95-page book is composed of numerous journal-style blog entries, which Julia has mixed alongside numerous funny anecdotes or personal reflections. Each installment takes only a page or two, and the result is a quick pace and a simple read.

The story is Julia’s reflection of her first year after college. Having just graduated with her theatre degree from a university in the Midwest, the 23-year-old girl picks up and moves to New York for a year to pursue an acting career.

Young and single, she writes, I had nothing holding me back, and was in the mood for life-altering adventure. The time had come, today was the day. I was moving to NYC and was convinced I would never look back. Read the rest of this entry »

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