Saturday is Going to be the Best Day of My Life

28 Apr

I mean, I don’t know what you are doing this Saturday, April 30 at 7pm PT. But I will be extremely busy helping to break the internet – well, at least helping to break YouTube – as a bunch of fans like myself all scramble to watch what is only the greatest, most wonderful, most awesomest space bug comedy adventure romance musical to ever be performed on the face of the planet. Ever.

That’s right, kids. Starship, the new musical by A Very Potter Musical creators Team StarKid is premiering in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. There will be music (and Joey Richter), and dancing (and Joey Richter), and space bug puppets (and Joey Richter), and hilarious witty dialogue … (hopefully, a lot of which will be spoken by Joey Richter).

Starship will also feature a ton of awesome songs written by that one Darren kid from Glee. But none of the songs will be sung by Darren. (A lot of them will, however, be sung by Joey Richter.)

It’s a musical … about space, and bugs, and puppets. And space bug puppets. And it stars Joey Richter. And I have not been more excited about anything this much in a very, very long time now.

I don’t live anywhere near Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York – so I won’t be able to attend any of the live screenings of the show that are happening this weekend. I’ll just be watching the entire 3 1/2 hours of pure musical awesomeness from the smallness of the YouTube player on my computer screen.

But that’s fine. I’ll still get to watch it, and that’s what really matters, anyway.

Starship‘s soundtrack is not available yet. It won’t be available until Saturday morning, but you can listen to song previews here. And based on the 10-second long preview clips, I’ve already decided that “I Wanna Be” and “Status Quo” are my two favorite songs. (You get one guess who sings both songs.)

Oh dear. -_-‘

In any case, work is making me a little Gleed out right now. And I’m starting to (gasp!) get a little tired of Darren, so it’s pretty exciting to have something new and awesome and StarKid-ish to direct my attention towards.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go re-watch all of MAMD in anticipation. And possibly every other StarKid musical/interview/performance I can find, as well.

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