I Like Starship So Much, It’s Kind of Absurd

03 May

If I seem a bit distracted lately, it’s probably because I am.

I have had nothing but StarKid on my brain … ever since their latest musical, Starship, debuted on YouTube this Saturday. My mind is atwirl with the kooky images of colorful puppets and talking space bugs, adorable Joey Richter gifs, and catchy Darren Criss songs.

Plus, StarKid went all out for their fourth full-length theatre production. This ain’t some bare-bones stage on a college campus anymore. They’ve got gorgeous sets, detailed scenery, fancy microphones to improve sound quality … and the YouTube videos even have some snazzy lazers and other digital effects added in.

That sounds lovely – but what is the plot, you ask?

Actually, Starship is a lot like The Little Mermaid. (Well, if the Little Mermaid was a boy. And a bug. And lived in outer space.)

You see, just like Ariel before him, the bright-eyed little orange bug puppet, Bug, (Joey Richter) wants nothing more than to be human. More specifically, though, Bug wants to be a Starship Ranger – traversing the galaxy on important intergalactic space missions.

All of Bug’s insect brethren are either colorful, full-body puppets or brightly-painted cardboard cutouts. But even when you’re looking at the puppets, don’t ignore the black-clad actors who puppet them. Watch their facial expressions – especially Joey‘s or Jaime Lynn Beatty‘s. It’s usually the best part.

Some of my favorite characters, though, are the rag tag team of starship rangers who Bug befriends when they land on his planet. (More to come on them later. They deserve their own separate blog post.)

The entire musical is well over two hours long, so I’m not going to tell you to go watch the entire thing in one sitting. But Act 1, Scene 1 doesn’t even last eight minutes . So I would highly recommend that you watch it … right now:

Note on Scene 1, if you’re already a StarKid fan: The blonde starship ranger in the beginning? That’s Duder! As in Duder the spy! (Guess who had a mini heart attack of excitement when she figured that out? Yeah, don’t mind me.)

The other starship ranger: StarKid friend/classmate Pomme Koch. Cool, right? But weird to see him in an actual StarKid show; I was pretty sure he only actually existed on Twitter.

Plus, all the StarKids who weren’t able to make the Chicago show because hadn’t quite yet graduated from this pesky little thing called higher education?

We totally got to see a bunch of them in the taped intro: including Devin Lytle (Cho Chang), Tyler Brunsman (Cedric Diggory/Lucius Malfoy), Brian Rosenthal (Quirrell), Richard Campbell (Neville), Nick Strauss (Sirius Black), Brittany Colman (Bellatrix), A.J. Holmes (Joey’s heart/wizard god himself), Lily Marks (Sally’s heart), Arielle Goldman (Weenie).

And I’m going to end with this gif. Because, um … yeah.


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