References in Starship to Past StarKid Shows

05 May

Something particularly wonderful about StarKid shows is their amazing little habit of referencing, quoting, or stealing jokes from each other. This could be evil celebrity posters, pizza boxes with giant holes in them, ridiculous blue headbands … the list goes on and on. Any hardcore fan can tell you numerous examples.

Given this fact, it should come as no surprise that their most recent musical, Starship, contained numerous reference to previous StarKid endeavors. Below are the ones I’ve picked up on so far:

1. Choir rooms and cafeterias: excellent places for CUH-RYING

Krayonder (about Up): Like the other day, he was in the cafeteria just CUH-RYING in front of everybody.

Sally: Uh, nobody can come into this room yet, because Joey Richter is CUH-RYING in here! (MAMD)

2. Don’t stab Joe Moses!

Krayonder: Wait, please don’t throw a knife at my hand! Don’t mess around, man, that’s not funny! (Taz plunges a knife into his back) You stabbed me!

Darren Criss: There hasn’t been anything crazy. No one’s tried to, like, stab me – that’s cool. As long as that is consistent, I’ll be happy. Let’s hope that never happens. So don’t try that ever, please. I enjoy not being stabbed. I want that t-shirt: Please don’t stab me. (pause) Don’t stab Darren. (July 2010 interview)

3. Hopefully not the secret to getting abs like Joe Walker’s … because I don’t think I could do it

Commander Up (Joe Walker) eats eagles for breakfast. Umbridge (also Joe Walker) eats nothing but protein shakes, falcon eggs and rocks (AVPS).

4. Bloody injuries (that are also kinda nonexistent …)

Up: Taz, is it bleeding? (displays fingers to Taz/Lauren Lopez)

Draco (Lauren Lopez): I’m bleeding! Look at this! (displays fingers) (AVPM)

5. OMWG is now OMDG

Junior: Thank Dead God I caught you before drop down!

In the Potter musicals,there was Wizard God Himself. But Starship has no Wizard god, because science discovered empirical proof that God is dead. (Does this surprise you? I mean, they did kill Wizard God Himself during the first scene of the show. So really, what did you expect?)

6. Wow, strike two for the universe. That must suck.

Bug (Joey Richter): The universe gave me the one thing I could ever love, and the Overqueen just took it away.

Joey’s Heart (to Joey): The universe gave us the only girl we could ever love … and she hates you! (MAMD)

7. And speaking of stupid …

Pincer (Dylan Saunders): Oh it’s stupid. If I tell you, you’ll think it’s stupid. Then I’ll be embarrassed.

Dumbledore (Dylan Saunders): What? That’s stupid. You’re stupid. (AVPM)

8. Well, the meaning is all wrong. But at least the reference is actually something Japanese this time.

Krayonder: I’m talking goodbye, buddy. Hasta luego, dude. Konnichwa, Daniel-san! We’re finished. It’s over.

Ginny: Konnichiwa, Cho Chang. My name is Ginny Weasley. (AVPM)

9. Except this time, it actually was a spider. Hmm, that’s just not as fun.

Krayonder: It’s a … it’s a spider!

Ron/Harry/Hermione (upon seeing the Lupin werewolf): It’s a … it’s a … vampire! (later) It’s a … it’s a … robot! (AVPS)

10. Joey’s blue headband

Yep, Joey is wearing the headband again. Just like he did last time … and the first time (and that other time, too). I’m pretty sure it’s the most supermegafoxyawesomehot headband in the entire universe, like, ever.

11. Bratty little know-it-all sons continually (and unsuccessfully) striving for approval from their super-evil fathers.

Junior and his dad, Dr. Space Claw, in Starship. Draco and his father, Lucius Malfoy, AVPS.

12. Bratty little son’s disdain for his doting mother.

Junior: But, seriously, tell New Mom to stay out of my room – ‘kay?

Draco (writing): And tell Mama to bugger off.

13. Promise we’ll see that movie?

Up (Joe Walker): Taz, I was wondering if maybe you and me could, uh, oh I don’t know – go watch a movie or something.

Voldemort (Joe Walker): Like um, we could go rollerblading on Saturday and then see a movie at night?

14. Joey still can’t catch any sort of flying objects

Bug (Joey Richter) asks Up for the keys to the drop pod, so he can take February back down to Bug World. Bug raises his hand to catch the keys, Up throws them, Bug doesn’t move, and the keys hit him. In AVPS, Lupin tosses the quaffle at Ron (Joey Richter). Ron raises his hands to catch the ball, but doesn’t move – and he totally misses it.

15. Even if I have to do it myself!

Junior: I’ll get that February girl impregnated by those bugs, even if I have to do it myself.

Dick: Joey, I’m gonna get you laid, if I have to do it myself. (MAMD)

16. Say that again to my face!

Junior (Brian Holden): You’re like a toaster. You’re a toaster. MegaGirl: Say that to me again! Junior: You’re a toaster!

Lupin (Brian Holden): You’re absurd! Snape: What?! Say that again to my face. Lupin: You’re absurd! Snape: That’s absurd! (AVPS)

17. Joey and chocolate

Random Bug: And if all else fails, girls are nuts for chocolate. Bug (Joey Richter): Thanks, mister!

Joey (Joey Richter): Eat chocolate! (Throws Reeces peanut butter cup at Vanessa) – MAMD

And of course, who could forget his giant chocolate bar in AVPM? Ron (Joey Richter): No! I’m miserable! (Points to chocolate bar.)

18. Stupidity … there’s a lot of it in the world

February He probably thought I was too stupid to figure it out. Well, who’s stupid now?

Lupin: Who looks stupid now? You do! (AVPS)

19. Um, close. But not quite.

Bug: Everyone! There’s something we need to tell you! February: It’s Junior – he’s a dick! (Ironic, because Brian Holden is the one who played Flopsie in MAMD.)

February: He handpicked all of us because he thought we were too stupid to figure it out. (To Up) Like he picked you because you’re a total pussy. (Get it? Because in MAMD – Joe Walker plays a dick. Haha, StarKid. I see what you did there.)

20. Looks like some people are still a little bitter about not being able to do AVPT this summer …

February: Yeah, the Galactic League of Extraterrestrial Exploration wants to capture the bugs, so they can make their own twisted abominations. Up: Damn that G.L.E.E.! They’re always making twisted abominations of everything!

It’s all right, StarKids. I’m still bitter about it, too.

21. Ride on my back

Up (to Taz): Quick, hop on my back. I can run faster than the two of us combined.

In AVPM, Rumbleroar is the headmaster at Pigfarts. He’s a lion. Who can talk. And if you’re a good enough student, he’ll let you ride on his back. In AVPS, Firenze the centaur lets Harry, Ron and Hermione ride on his back.

22. Doors

In AVPM, Ron (Joey Richter) always makes funny, comedic entrances from behind opening doors. In Starship, Bug (Joey Richter) makes a very sad and tragic exit from behind closed airlocked doors.

23. After listening to Brian Holden’s performance of “Kick It Up a Notch,” a lot of people have been commenting: “Wow, Lupin actually CAN sing!”

My response: um, are you just realizing this now? Has no one heard Duder’s a Spy before? How can you not have heard that song!? It’s only one of my favorite things to listen to on my entire iPod! (Don’t judge…)

Okay, that was a total of 23 references. But this list isn’t necessarily exhaustive. So did I miss any? Let me know in the comments!

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