Drama Abounds in Glee’s “Prom Queen”

11 May

Disclaimer: Any sort of maturity I may usually possess has gone completely out the window for tonight’s Glee recap. I focus way too much on cute boys, use WAY TOO MANY capital letters, and otherwise act far too much like a 14-year-old child. Consider yourself warned.

I’ll start my recap of “Prom Queen” with three simple words:


Oh my gosh, guys, Jesse St. James is back! I can already tell this is going to be a good episode.

Rachel (Lea Michele) and Jesse (Jonathan Groff) sing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”
Lest you forget, Lea and Jonathan are both seasoned Broadway performers, so the vocals in this song were absolutely stellar.

But the last time we saw Jesse St. James, he was throwing eggs at poor Rachel Berry’s face. So we hate him. Remember? No, stop staring at his face. We hate him. Stop listening to his amazingly stellar voice. Pay no attention to his bad-boy attitude. We hate him. Remember? We ….

Okay. I give up. Jesse is back and he is wonderful.

I mean, Jesse and Rachel are going to prom together – which is really exciting, even though I know he’ll probably just turn out to be a jerk and  break her heart in the end. Well, that’s what Finn thinks, at least. Because Finn is jealous. (Drama!)

Artie serenades Brittany in the middle of home ec class. He asks her to prom by singing Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely.” Sam’s playing guitar next to open bags of flour and Finn’s banging drumsticks all across the makeshift kitchen, so the whole scene is pretty much adorable.

Which is why I really do understand how she possibly says “no,” especially when sweet little Artie in his dorky goose-printed vest is pretty much the most adorable thing I’ve ev… OH MY GOSH DARREN CRISS EYEBROWS.

Sorry, the scene just switched and I got distracted. That man has the most amazing triangle-shaped eyebrows on the face of the planet. (Oh, and did I mention that Klaine is going to prom together? This is only just about the greatest news in the entire universe ever.)

Okay, before we get to the actual event – here’s a list of who’s going together:
Finn and Quinn
Puck and Lauren
Santana and Karofsky
Rachel and Jesse
Mercedes and Sam
Kurt and Blaine
Tina and Mike

Prom has started, and the first song of the night is … “Friday” by Rebecca Black.
Sam, Puck and Artie tackle this little piece of internet infamy, and I have to say: I really like it. I know, I should be pounding my head against the wall somewhere and pleading for my life. But I’m not. “Friday” is terrible, but it’s the best possible sort of terrible. And I love it.

Plus, I’m kind of in love with both Puck and Artie. Especially Artie. So watching them sing this just makes everything all the more awesome.

AND NOW ARTIE IS RAPPING. Oh great. Now I really am in love. (I’m sorry, Joey Richter, you’ve totally just been replaced on my iPod. I apologize. I’ll get back to my Starship obsession soon, I promise.)

Damn you, galactic league, why must you make me love you?!

And speaking of people who make references to that damn G.L.E.E. … guess who finally got another song tonight?

I know, it’s been all of two weeks since our last Blaine song. But two weeks is pretty much forever when it refers to a lack of Darren Criss.

“I’m Not Gonna Teach Her How to Dance With You” was pretty good, but it was sort of upstaged by the fact that Finn and Jesse started fighting over Rachel and got themselves kicked out of prom.

Then the jerks at McKinley voted Kurt as prom queen as some sort of a sick joke. But Kurt owned it, showed the entire school that their bullying couldn’t hurt him, and the entire prom ended on a positive note.

Plus there was this: (Excuse me while I just go and die of adorableness)

Overall – it was a great Glee episode. Fantastic. And much better than last week’s snoozefest, which you’ll remember I didn’t even bother to blog about.

Aaaand … this blog post is finished. That was cool. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m done acting like a 14-year-old for the evening. It’s time for me to move on to more mature things you wouldn’t understand. Namely, Starship – particularly this.

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