Glee Had a Funeral. And It Was Sad. (But Not Heartbreaking.)

18 May

The TV gossip world has been aflutter for weeks now with the news that Glee was killing someone off. The character was supposed to be beloved, and their death was teased as a game-changer that would rock the world of someone at McKinley High … and forever change the dynamic of the show.

The news left me pretty legitimately freaking out as I imagined which beloved character would be biting the dust. My initial guess was that Glee was killing off Kurt’s dad, who had a heart attack earlier this season. Then I thought it could be adorable guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, since her death would have devastated poor Will.

At one point, I was even preparing myself for the loss of Blaine. (Hey, the spoilers said the death was unexpected, and that it was going to shatter us. Plus, remember all the talk that Blaine had been getting too much screentime this season? His death would certainly solve that problem real quick.)

Ultimately, though, Sue Sylvester’s kindhearted sister Jean was the one to meet her maker. It was sad, of course, but not the earth-shattering blow I’d been expecting. Still, her death fit the criteria. Jean was Sue’s one soft spot. She adored her sister, and Jean’s death really did rock Sue’s world. Plus, that game-changing twist that would alter the show’s dynamic? Sue tells Will she’s done trying to destroy the glee club.

Wait, really? Part of me says I’ll believe that when I actually see it. Part of me would be okay with a nicer Sue, as long as Jane Lynch gets to stay around and bring her unique style of witty humor to McKinley in some other way.

Jesse St. James was back again this episode, too. He spent the entire show tearing down and brutally mocking everyone in the glee club except for Rachel – in a completely misguided attempt to make up for breaking her heart and crushing her confidence last year.

Sue’s speech at the funeral about feeling deeply connected to someone made Finn realize he wasn’t actually in love with his girlfriend, Quinn, so he broke up with her! His plan was to immediately reconcile with ex-girlfriend, Rachel, but he quite unfortunately happened to walk into the auditorium where she was standing right at the exact moment that Rachel was (hesitantly?) locking lips with Jesse … so everybody’s favorite Finnchel coupling is not quite all cute and coupley as of yet.

Whatever. There’s still one more episode left this season. It could totally happen.

And speaking of Glee‘s season 2 finale, it’s airing an hour later than normal: 9pm on Tuesday, May 24. The gang heads to NYC for Nationals, and they’re visiting all the local tourist spots. Like with this episode, my favorite blazer-wearing Warblers frontman Blaine probably won’t be popping up – but I’m willing to forgive them for that unfortunate plot decision, if only because everything else about the finale promises to be absolutely epic.

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