Glee Season 2 Finale: Finchel, Klaine and Samcedes … Oh, My!

25 May

Glee‘s season 2 finale tonight was awesome, as expected. The cast frolicked around New York City. Kurt and Rachel sang Wicked on a Broadway stage. There was a Patty LuPone cameo. New Directions took 12th place (out of 50) at Nationals. Finn and Rachel kissed.

This stuff is Glee finale awesomeness at it’s best.

But is it weird, then, that my favorite part of the entire episode actually happened once everybody was back home in Ohio?

It was barely even a five minute scene, but it was wonderful: Blaine said “I love you” to Kurt. And Kurt said “I love you” back.

Yeah – this was all randomly thrown in quickly at the end. It didn’t fit with the rest of the episode. And it came abruptly out of nowhere. But it happened, damn it. And they LOVE each other.

Klaine loves each other.

Plus, there were more StarKid references!

Sam (Chord Overstreet) said one of Harry’s (Darren Criss) most famous lines from A Very Potter Musical … right in front of Blaine (also Darren Criss). Okay, so it wasn’t a line as much as a generic 2-word phrase. But Sam said it. And it’s basically the catchphrase of AVPM. So Glee is practically quoting StarKid lines right in front of Darren.

(Not really. That’s probably all in my head. But the entire scene remained totally awesome, nonetheless.)

Sam and Mercedes are dating!

Well, not so much dating as going out for coffee together. But they are well on their way to coupledom – and the internet has already christened them Samcedes.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Mercedes is one of Glee‘s most under-used and under-appreciated talents, so hopefully this will result in a much needed increase in screen time for her next season.

Plus, Sam with Santana was weird. It didn’t work at all. And Sam with Quinn was pretty much the most boring and uneventful couple ever. They were too blonde. And bland. And basically the living embodiment of Barbie and Ken. Yawn.

Samcedes, though, is going to be adorable. And awesome. I cannot wait. (Seriously, is it next season yet?)

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