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Hey, I’m Finally Blogging About Glee Again! Weird.

Hello. My name is Beth. And I have a confession to make: Honestly, this is the first time all season that I’ve actually even wanted to blog about Glee.

That’s right. Season 3 sucks. I hate it. I miss Season 2. I want the Warblers back. I want Darren Criss in sporty blazers back. I miss last season. But tonight’s Season 3, Episode *: “Hold on to Sixteen.” Now? Finally, I think I’m in love again.

– Sam is back. And he has a personality this time! He’s like … not ten times more boring a random bump on a log. I approve of this change. (Also: Gosh he’s pretty. Did I mention he’s really pretty? I missed his face.)

– And apparently, one of the terms of allowing Chord Overstreet back on Glee is that he’s contractually obligated to be shirtless for a prearranged amount of time each episode. (Just pointing it out. Not complaining. Let’s be clear.)

– Oh, and Blaine is a boxer, apparently? He even started a branch of Fight Club while still back at Dalton. (Which naturally, he couldn’t talk about. Which is why we haven’t heard about it until now. Obviously.)

– Tina Cohen-Chang completely underused on this show. We never see her. Also, Jenna Ushkowitz has like the hottest boyfriend on the face of the planet ever. (He that one vampire/werewolf hybrid guy on The Vampire Diaries. No, not that one. The other one.)

I. Love. Damian McGinty. He is the cutest little kid ever and he needs to be on this show a lot longer than 6 episodes.

– Lindsay Pearce is amazing. I’m really sad that tonight is her last episode.

– I really want the Troubletones to win sectionals. They’re not going to. But I want them to.

– Scratch that. I want New Directions to win now. Loved their first song. Also? Samcedes is adorable. Somebody get them back together, stat.

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