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My Most Popular Blog Posts

So this is fun. WordPress keeps track of which  blog posts have been viewed the most times. So I’m going to list my top 10. And to be completely honest, the results kind of surprised me.

1. What I’m Watching: Pretty Little Liars. This is by far my most-read post: 1,042 views overall.

Seriously? I mean, I love me some PLL and all … but I wouldn’t call it my favorite.  I posted this review in June, but the greatest numbers of people read it in July. That makes sense: series went on hiatus in August, and page views started going down from 50 a day down to 5 or 10.

I made a couple of snarky quips and comments throughout the post – I found myself amusing, at least –  but I’m not quite sure why so many people read it. Other than that I guess the internet just really likes Pretty Little Liars. But seriously, if you have any idea why this post was so popular, let me know.

2. The Homepage. (But it’s a homepage, not a post, so that shouldn’t really count, right?)

3. What I’m Watching: Jonas L.A.

Again,  though I enjoy it, this show is certainly not my favorite of all time. But those of you out in internet-land seem to really like it. So, um … thanks for clicking? Read the rest of this entry »

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Old Spice Guy & Chuck! (Picture Link Included)

Here is one of the greatest pieces of stunt casting news I have heard in a very long time: Isaiah Mustafa is guest-starring on NBC’s Chuck!

That’s right. The Old Spice Guy himself will be playing a CIA agent in an upcoming episode my favorite geek-filled, action-packed spy comedy of all time!

(Read my What I’m Watching review of NBC’s Chuck here.)

Seriously. I am so stoked for this crossover! Mustafa even tweeted about he appearance on his Twitter page, and he was kind enough to provide a picture of himself and Chuck star Zachary Levi behind the scenes!

You can view the TwitPic by clicking here.

It’s worth it just to see Old Spice Guy in that trademark green-with-yellow-lettering Buy More shirt. And of course, Mr. Levi himself isn’t really that bad to look at, either.

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