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Pretty Little Liars Finale

Just finished watching the Pretty Little Liars midseason finale, and good news: Lucas does not appear to be “A.” 

You may now breathe with me a collective sigh of relief.

At this point, all signs are pointing towards (SPOILER ALERT) Melissa’s ex-boyfriend Ian (Ryan Merriman) as the one who killed Alison, which means that he, also, is presumably the person behind the mysterious “A” messages.

Who is Ian, you ask? What, just because he’s probably only been in a total of around 2 minutes of screentime this entire season means that you don’t recognize him? Shocker there.

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If Lucas Ends Up Being “A,” I Will Never Forgive ABC Family

Just finished watching yesterday’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, the very last episode before next Tuesday’s season finale.

Nothing’s certian yet, but it’s looking like Lucas might be “A.” And Lucas is hands-down, without a doubt my favorite character on this show. So if Lucas ends up being “A,” I am going to throw something up against a wall.

Seriously. Note to Pretty Little Liars‘ writers: You make Lucas “A” and I will never forgive you. Read the rest of this entry »


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Pretty Little Liars

In case you were wondering, I actually have been watching each of the seven episodes of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars to air since the first time I blogged about the show.

My official results following these 344 minutes of TV research are that – no: Pretty Little Liars does not suck, despite my initial fears and misgivings.

Now a recap of the shows main characters:

Spencer – I actually find the character a bit boring. She’s too perfect, too motivated … wound too tight. Plus, the storyline with her sister’s fiance ended after episode four, and her romance with the country club boy hasn’t been developed enough yet for me to care.

But actress Troian Bellisario is the real-life half sister of Sean Murray, who plays Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS. And anybody related to McGeek gets rad cool points in my book.

Emily – I started out really liking her, but Emily’s character has just disolved into blah over the stretch of the season. Yes, she kissed a girl and she liked it. Wow, so edgy. Then why is Emily’s storyline falling so flat?

I actually liked her better with Toby Cavanaugh – the quiet boy with a dark past nobody seemed to know much about. They went to homecoming together. It was sweet.

Until we find out that (SPOILER ALERT) he’s a stepsister-bedding crazy person who totaled his motorcycle and is now apparently on the run. Sad. I actually liked him.

AriaLucy Hale‘s character was originally my favorite on the show. Her relationship with puppy-faced English teacher Mr. Fitz actually managed to be really sweet, until they hung out at a bar together and his old college roommate reminded him that making googily eyes at a 16-year-old girl is probably not the smartest decision.

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Bones Finale Aftermath: Updates & Responses

As I was seething with anger at my beloved Bones‘ horrendous and absolutely terrible season finale that made me want to throw something against the wall, I decided to go online and see if any of my favorite TV spoiler sites had something to say about this epic monstrosity.

Here’s what Korbi Ghosh of Zap2it’s Korbi TV had to say:

“Okay, first of all, breathe. Everything will be fine.

Yes, that did just happen.

Booth is taking a year off to go train snipers. Brennan is going to Indonesia for a dig and she’s taking Daisy with her.

But the important thing to remember is that creator Hart Hanson has promised that the series will not have Booth and Brennan apart next year.

Korbi goes on to explain that season 6 if Bones will pick up exactly a year after the finale is set. This means we as the audience do not have to deal with an entire season of Booth and Bones separated (because I think my heart really would break into a billion pieces if that happened). However, by the time we see them again, the two will have been away from eachother for an entire year.

Booth could have been hurt in Afghanistan. Mortally wounded! Brennan could have been poisened in the Indonesian jungle. Or worse – one of them could have ended up falling in love … with someone other than each other. This is simply not acceptable! I refuse to allow it.

I should write them a letter of protest.

Dear Bones writers,

With all due respect, I hate your finale. I hate your new creative direction. You are ruining Bones and Booth’s relationship and I will never forgive you.


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I’m VERY Angry at Bones’ Writers

Season finale of Bones = sad face. 😦

Season 5, Episode 22. “The Beginning in the End.”

They are not going to be partners anymore! Bones and Brennan are not going to be partners anymore.

She’s going to the Moluku Islands in Indonesia to head up a research team on one of the greatest anthropological finds of the century. He’s going back into the army to serve in Afghanistan and use his training to help save lives.

Yes, they work great together. He’s a good FBI agent and she’s a good FBI consultant. But he’s better and can do more good as a soldier. And she’s better and can do more good as a traditional anthropologist.

So they are not going to be partners anymore. Is it logical? Yes. Is it acceptable? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

Yes. It’s only for a year. But a year is forever. I refuse to accept this. Refuse.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Aliens Schmaliens. I don’t like V.

Okay. I gave “V” another try. I watched it again.

I tried to like it. I really did.

It’s just  not happening.

“V” Season 1, Episode 10. “Hearts and Minds

So the Vs ( the aliens) are the bad guys.

And the good guys are a group of resistance fighters known as the Fifth Column.

Our main characters are a team of four Fifth Column members, who are as follows: FBI agent Erica, Father Jack (the priest who looks more like a hunky male model), Ryan (the V who got a conscience and turned against his evil kind), and Hobbes (the sleazy arms dealer who the rest of them don’t really trust).

So the sneaky and manipulative V leader Anna sets up a plan to make the Fifth Column look like terrorists.

They think they just killed a bunch of innocent people! But they didn’t! They are really just being framed by Anna!

Why do I really not even care?

Seriously, I can barely stand to finish watching the show, I’m so bored out of my mind.

Or maybe I’m just sleepy. Seriously, don’t watch mediocre TV when you’re about to fall asleep.

You won’t be able to concentrate at all.


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Glee = awesome. Duh.

Glee. Season 1: Episode 18. “Laryngitis

Bratty, snobby Rachel looses her voice.

It’s really hard for her. Without her voice and her talent, she feels like she has nothing.

“I’m like Tinkerbell, Finn. I die without applause!”

Jesse St. James isn’t in this episode – he’s away with friends on Spring break. That doesn’t bother me in the least. I don’t really like him much anyway. Plus, I want Rachel to be with Finn, not Jesse.

Which of course means that I thought Finn’s rendition of “Jesse’s Girl” for this episode was awesome.

And Puck loses all his bad-boy mojo when his mohawk gets shaved off … so he starts trying to seduce the now-popular cheerleader Mercedes to get his coolness back by association.

Puck dating Mercedes and Santana’s getting jealous. That’s something I never thought I’d see.

But Puck and Mercedes’ soulful, jazzy duet of “Lady is a Tramp” was probably my favorite song of the night.

Overall, a very good episode. Verdict: less Jesse. More Finn & Rachel. And Puck needs more solos.

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