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What I’m Watching: Jonas L.A.

Now, I’m really not sure any self-respecting 22 year old should admit to watching a TV show that stars Disney tween favorites the Jonas Brothers. So I’m just going to blame my knowledge of this show on the fact that I have a 15 year old sister … and leave it at that.

Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas have dominated the young teen music scene for a solid couple of years now. And if tweens love attending their sold out concert tours, then why not give them a show on the Disney channel and see how it fairs? Read the rest of this entry »


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Favorite Jonas Brothers Song. Ever.

It’s true. They’ve had a lot of #1 singles and have stolen the hearts of 13 year old girls everywhere with songs like Burning Up, S.O.S, and Paranoid . . . but none of those even compare to what I unequivocally deem the best Jonas Brothers song ever.

It’s from the first season of their Disney channel TV show, and it is amazing.

My family and I first watched the music video on TV last summer while on vacation in Hawaii, and I am going to dare to say it pretty much became the soundtrack to our entire vacation, we sang it so much.

Of course the main thing that this song has going for it is that it is so ridiculously stupid and cheesy … get it, cheesy? … that you can’t help but love it.

Well, I can’t help but love it, at least.

See what you think.

Kevin being crushed by shreds of mozerella? Joe and Nick popping up out of giant olive slices? Nick playing guitar under a lean-to made of pepperoni? 

And you just may have the chorus stuck in your head for the next few days. You’ve been warned.

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