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Link Round-up: Hawaii Five-0Glee

Part of me is thinking that I should just rename my blog HawaiGLEE Five-O, because it feels like those two shows are all I have been writing about lately.

Case in point: below are links to my coverage of each show. (11 total for Glee and 6 [or 9] total for Hawaii Five-O.) Did you miss reading any? Or just want to look back over them all? Now you can.

Thats right. Just how you wanted to spend your day today. I know. You’re welcome.


1. Glee: What the Puck! Where is Noah? Season 2: episode 4. (The duets episode.) Kurt is awesome; I miss Puck.

2. Dear Grilled Cheesus, First of All – You are Super Delicious Season 2: episode 3. (The religion episode.) Finn is dimly adorable.

3. Most Epic Episode of Glee. Ever. Season 2: episode 2. (The Britney Spears episode.) Heather Morris is freaking amazing. Read the rest of this entry »

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Favorite Faces for TV Spoilers

Kristin Dos Santos interviews actress Kristin Chenowith for E! / CC BY-SA 2.0

There are a number of bloggers who have made a name for themselves writing about popular TV shows and offering weekly plot spoilers and upcoming episode sneak peeks.

These are three in particuar that I follow quite frequently.

Kristin Dos Santos – “Watch With Kristin writes for the E! Entertainment web site and is their resident “TV Diva.” Her site is the one I personally visit most frequently for TV news and spoilers.

I got super excited in 2009 when Kristin shared news about the birth of her son, even though that meant she had to go on maternity leave for a while and would be leaving the spoiler-posting duties to her team of WWK interns and staff.

“Watch With Kristin” is full of polls, trivia and video clips. It’s my absolute favorite way to spend a weekend afternoon learning useless TV information and accomplishing absolutely nothing … because this site makes it so fun!

Korbi Ghosh – “Korbi TV.” Korbi started out working for Kristin at E! Online, before moving to Zap2it in April 2008 to head her own TV spoiler blog. It’s much the same format as Kristin’s, but features a bit more heavilty the ABC Family-type drama shows aimed at older teenage girls.

Korbi also does a video segment called “Drinking with the Stars,” where she intervivews current TV actors and actresses over cocktails. For underage kid actors, like Jason Dolley, the fare is decidedly non-alcoholic and she will take them out for milkshakes instead.

Michael Ausiello – “The Ausiello Files.” Ausiello writes about TV for the Entertainment Weekly website, but my favorite part is his weekly coloum of TV spoilers titled “Ask Ausiello.”

He’s been around since before Korbi, providing spoilers and competing with Kristin for whose column can get the most web hits. It is for this reason that he and Kristin occasionally refer to eachother as “frenemies” in their respective blogs.

He also provides spoilers via video clips on “Ausiello TV.”

Ausiello is a great place for TV spoilers and I visit his site quite frequently for scoop Kristin might have missed. Though I have to say that in this particular battle, I am decidedly Team Kristin.

So now the question is:

Watch With Kristin, Korbi TV, or The Ausiello Files, which do you prefer?

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