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Castle and the Corpsicle

Season 2, episode 22; “Food to Die For.”

A top New York chef of reality television fame is found dead on the floor of his resturaunt kitchen. His body has been completely frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Tug on the hand and it literally shatters and breaks into a bunch of glass-like pieces. Now that’s a pretty cool crime scene.

Castle: “How’s our corpsicle?”

Coroner: “Thawing nicely. In spite of the obvious challenges, I found enough unaffected tissue to narrow time of death to between 2 and 4 am.”

This was a pretty cool episode overall. My favorite part was when Castle was at home in his kitchen dropping every piece of fruit in sight into a bowl of liquid nitrogen and then dropping it to smash into a million pieces on the floor. Again. And again. And again.

Then, he accidentally dropped a watch into the mixture.

“Hey, I just froze time.”

Ha ha. Funny, Castle. Funny.


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What I’m Watching: Castle


Wealthy and successful mystery novelist Richard Castle  (Nathan Fillion) pretty much has the entire city of New York at his fingertips. He’s full of confidence and everybody loves him.

So when Castle decides he want to make tough and fearless dectective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) the inspiriation for his newest mystery series, all he has to do is make one call to the mayor.

Now Castle has permission to follow Beckett on every one of her cases, stakeouts, arrests, and everything. His misplaced curiousity, overactive imagination, and lack of an attention span often make things difficult when for her.

However, it ends up that Castle’s outlandish ideas and insights are often the very things that helps Beckett to catch the killers.

Why I watch:

Nathan Fillion played Captian Malcolm Reynolds on the 2002 sci-fi show Firefly, one of my favorite TV series of all time.

The series was like Star Wars meets the Wild West. Mal and his crew of rogue misfits flew around the galaxy in their tiny space ship and had all sorts of adventures.

Recent Highlights:

Talk about cross-promotion. They are actually releasing a book.

Nikki Heat is the name of the character Castle specifically modeled after Detective Beckett. Anyone who watches the series regularly can tell you that Castle’s newest book is called, “Heat Wave,” and that it is the first in the Nikki Heat series.

According to this article, ABC will actually be releasing “Heat Wave” by Richard Castle on Sept. 29. Because if you think there is even a possibility that you could make money by releasing a novel written by a fake character on one of your TV shows, then why not try it?


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