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Covert Affairs Actor Starred in a Chuck-like Precursor

As much as I adore watching Covert Affairs (the new USA network spy drama I just blogged about), it definitely has made me want to see Christopher Gorham in some sort of role where he is not having to fake being blind.

So after a bit of internet research (okay… IMDB profile stalking), I discovered that Gorham was the star of his own spy drama back in the day. The show was called Jake 2.0, and it ran for one season before getting cancelled on UPN back in 2004.

Jake 2.0 is actually really similar to NBC’s 2007 spy dramaedy Chuck … in sense that a nerdy, awkward computer guy accidentally comes into contact with fancy technology and suddenly becomes a government superspy. Yeah. Very similar. Read the rest of this entry »

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What I’m Watching: Covert Affairs

USA is rapidly becoming my favorite TV network to watch. I’m a fan of Burn Notice, but White Collar and Psych are currently two of my absolute favorite shows on television. Now with this recently-premired spy dramadey Covert Affairs … the nextwork’s got a pretty amazing line-up right now.

Overview: Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is a CIA recruit fresh out of training. She lives with her sister and two cute nieces in D.C. They think she works at the Smithsonian and have no idea about her real day job.

If you’re looking for a prior TV comparison, Annie is like a blonde version of Jennifer Garner in Alias, but without all the daddy issues or double agent drama.

What Annie does have is a mysterious lover she met on the beach in Sri Lanka. After a passionate whirlwind romance, he leaves her in the middle of the night with nothing more than a note.

From secret CIA chats we learn that his guy is some sort of an international superspy or assassin or sorts, and that the CIA may simply be using Annie as bait to lure him out of hiding.

Why I Watch: The best character on this show by far is Auggie, played by Ugly Betty alum Christopher Gorham. Auggie is Annie’s co-worker and mentor/best friend at the CIA. He was blinded while on a mission in Iraq, so he’s now banned from fieldwork and confined to headquarters – a decision Auggie is none to happy about.

Gorham’s Auggie definitely provides the comic relief for the show. He’s sweet, and for a blind guy, he’s remarkably capable at living a normal life … and happens to be super-suave with the ladies.

Episodes air Tuesdays at 10pm, with full episodes online at

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