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Week Two of Dancing With The Stars: Season 12

1. Sugar Ray Leonard – His dance was entertaining, but he didn’t show a whole lot of technical skill. Judges score:  17/30.

2. Kendra Wilkinson – the sexy tomboy had a bit of a hard time trying to dance like an elegant lady. Judges score:  19/30.

3. Chelsea Kane – Their dance had an almost Alice in Wonderland feel to it – a little strange and slightly demented, but impossible to look away from nonetheless. I’m not sure if ‘creepy mime’ is my favorite look for Mark Ballas … but you know, whatever. And I guess Chelsea’s fluffy white ballet skirt (and matching candy cane knee socks?!) were kind of cute. Maybe, Judges score: 18/30. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dancing With The Stars: Season 12 Premiere

Dancing with the Stars premiered on Monday – complete with all it’s signature spray tans, sparkly costumes, and crazy collection of stars and/or pseudo celebrities.

Here’s the a recap of who’s on this season:

1. Disney star Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas

It’s obvious from the start that this pair is just going to be too adorably sweet for words. She’s the cheery little Disney blonde, and he’s the goofy young dance pro – so they’re practically bursting with youth, innocence, and adorableness. Read the rest of this entry »

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200th episode of DWTS

Ratings-wise, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars it is the most-watched show on network television. Over it’s five-year history, the show has included over 1,000 dances, 121 stars, and … as of Monday night … 200 episodes.

Apparently 200 episodes is a big deal, because they had big sparkily gold “200th” signs and displays everywhere. Oh, and 50 former contestants came back to help celebrate.

First, the couples divided up into teams for group dances

Team captains for the returning star/special guest judges were Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Ohno (both Olympic gold medalists and champions of their respective seasons.)

Kristi (who was paired with Mark Ballas) and Apolo (who was paired with Julianne Hough) are probably two of my favorite stars to come out of this whole competition, so it was very difficult to choose whose team I hoped would win. Read the rest of this entry »

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Week 5 Update: Dancing with the Stars 11, episode 5.

Sad news. In the weeks since I last blogged about Dancing with the Stars, reality TV star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of MTV’s Jersey Shore was voted off. Yeah,  he had very little dancing technique, and was obviously way too full of himself, but Sitch was just so much fun to watch!

I’m sad to see him go. It’s almost enough to make me want to become a regular viewer of Jersey Shore.

… Wait, no it’s not.

But on to more current DWTS matters – it was TV Theme Week, which meant that each of the 8 remaining stars and their partners danced to a popular TV theme song. 

BrandyFriends theme song “I’ll Be There For You.” Very high energy and fun. Score: 27/30

Florence Henderson –Mrs. Brady danced to the Brady Bunch theme song. And she dedicated the dance to (the late) Mr. Brady! Awww. Score: 21/30 Read the rest of this entry »

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New Season of Dancing with the Stars

DWTS is pretty hit-or-miss for me. Sometimes I watch it, other times I don’t care. Last season, I started out pretty gung ho … then quickly lost interest. But this season’s cast seems pretty interesting. So who knows? We’ll see.

Audrina Patridge – (reality TV actress, MTV’s The Hills). Her outfit for that first dance looked like Big Bird from Sesame Street, … if Big Bird were a girl and worked at a strip club. But she’s a pretty good dancer.

Kyle Massey – (Disney star). Very goofball and fun to watch. And he’s actually really good at dancing. Definitely my favorite contestant this season so far. Read the rest of this entry »

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What I’m Watching: Dancing With The Stars

Overview: Hollywood stars (otherwise known as a cast of B- or C-list celebrities and a couple of professional athletes you may or may not have heard of) are each paired with a professional dancing partner.

Every week, they learn a new dance (waltz, samba, jive, tango, etc) and perform in front of a live audience. The costumes are all very sparkily and the women will all invariably be coated in an unnatural amount of spray tan.

Judges scores are combined with viewer votes and one team is sent home each week. The winner gets a very shiny disco ball trophy.

Okay, yes. I mock. But only to show my love. And because DWTS makes it so easy. Read the rest of this entry »


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