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Old Spice Guy & Chuck! (Picture Link Included)

Here is one of the greatest pieces of stunt casting news I have heard in a very long time: Isaiah Mustafa is guest-starring on NBC’s Chuck!

That’s right. The Old Spice Guy himself will be playing a CIA agent in an upcoming episode my favorite geek-filled, action-packed spy comedy of all time!

(Read my What I’m Watching review of NBC’s Chuck here.)

Seriously. I am so stoked for this crossover! Mustafa even tweeted about he appearance on his Twitter page, and he was kind enough to provide a picture of himself and Chuck star Zachary Levi behind the scenes!

You can view the TwitPic by clicking here.

It’s worth it just to see Old Spice Guy in that trademark green-with-yellow-lettering Buy More shirt. And of course, Mr. Levi himself isn’t really that bad to look at, either.

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Old Spice + YouTube = Genius

This post isn’t technically about TV, it’s about a TV commercial.

Normally I wouldn’t chose to blog about TV commercials. But these particular commericials happen to be so ridiculously fantastic that I choose to make an exception.

Old Spice Guy. I know you’ve heard of him. Always has his shirt off. Rides horses backwards. Swan dives into hot tubs that collapse and leave him sitting on a motorcycle. The dude’s a YouTube phenomenon.

“Helllloo, ladies.” “Look at you’re man. Now back to me. Now back at your man. Now back to me.”

“I’m on a horse.”

The actor’s name is Isaiah Mustafa. He’s a former NFL wide receiver, and up until now his only acting credits have been on a soap opera or single-episode bit parts on random TV shows.

If you are ever in need of an absolutely hilarious way to waste anywhere from 5 minutes to a good hour, you simply must check out the Old Spice YouTube page, where Mr. Mustafa recorded over a hundred personalized responses to tweets and internet postings about his commercial.

The clips range from about 20-70 seconds long, including:

@aplusk (actor Ashton Kutcher) “Please let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance to either you, or any of your 1.2 kabillion Twitter people-type friends.” [WATCH IT]

@mrskutcher (actress Demi Moore), where he beats up a pirate-shaped pinata with a plastic fish. [WATCH IT]

Actress Alyssa Milano gets a total of four videos. First he flirts with her, then he offers to give her nose-CPR. Read the rest of this entry »

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