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So the V finale totally sucked. As expected.

I’m sitting down to watch the season finale of ABC’s alien invasion drama, V.

And if the entire season-long run of this epic snoozefest is any indication, tonight’s episode is probably going to suck. But I’m at least going into this trying to be optimistic.

Perhaps there will be a relatively fair amount of Joshua scenes to hold my interest? That would be pretty cool. (Though really, let’s face it – not even an entire episode of Joshua (in all his sexy alien hotness) would surpass the awesomeness that was Glee last night.) Read the rest of this entry »

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V: Season 2, Episode 9. I’m starting to care again. You get one guess why.

All right. I’m watching ABC’s alien drama V a day late this week, because V is on the same night as Glee – and obviously I have to have my TV-watching priorities straight.

Because V bores me to death most of the time, and I only bother with it at all because I find one of the very minor alien characters to be extremely attractive.

Ten minutes into the episode: hey, look. It’s Joshua! Read the rest of this entry »

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Hi aliens, you bore me. Please redeem yourselves by simultaneously breaking into song and dance.

It’s Tuesday night – and like any Tuesday night – I should totally be watching Glee right now. But I can’t. Because Glee is not on tonight, so I’ve ended up watching ABC’s snoozefest alien drama, V, instead.

I’m sitting by my TV, eating sugary yellow marshmallow Peeps, and wishing that I was watching those adorably quirky kids of New Directions belt out some overdone Journey tune … instead of having to stare at these stupid, stupid aliens.

This V episode is even featuring multiple scenes with my favorite alien, Joshua – but even Joshua and all his awesome alien hotness just isn’t sufficient enough to hold my attention. I want to be watching Glee! Read the rest of this entry »

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Super boring TV show. Really hot alien.

Ladies and gentlemen …. I have outstanding news. After like three straight episodes of being nowhere to be found, my favorite alien Joshua is finally back on ABC’s V!

Thank goodness. I finally have a reason to watch this obnoxiously dumb show again.

We’re not even five minutes into the episode, and he’s already there. With his smoldering eyes, and his smug smirk, and his deliciously sexy voice. Weird, I suddenly care about corny alien TV shows again. Imagine that.

Hi, Joshua. *melts* Read the rest of this entry »

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My most disinterested V post yet

Ryan, who was a good V, is now a double agent and working for the bad Vs. So that sucks.

Anna, the evil V leader, tries to turn the Catholic church into her loyal little underlings, but they say no. So then she threatens them and forces them onto her side. Yay for blackmail and coercion.

So, um – this entire episode of V is almost over, and I’ve only blogged three sentences. Obviously the episode was not particularly thrilling this week. (Translation:  no hot alien Joshua. At all. Not even for a moment.) Read the rest of this entry »

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And That’s What You Missed On … V !

Can you tell that I’m missing a certain other show who’s name just happens to rhyme with this one? It’s okay. February 6 is only 18 days away. Not that I’m counting. But, anyway, back to V.

Season 2, Episode 3: “Laid Bare”

Lisa is beginning to get her “breeding skin,” which is a fancy alien way of saying that her body is preparing to have a whole bunch of creepy little lizard babies. Read the rest of this entry »

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V, again. Episode 2.

V: Season 2, episode 2.

Wow, that was a whole lot of plot development in such a short period of time. Thank you, first three minutes of “Serpent’s Tooth.”

What we learned

Apparently, Anna locked her mother, Diana, deep under the V mothership nearly 15 years ago, when she decided that Diana’s excess of human emotion was compromising her ability to lead.

Also, the Vs are only on earth because their species is dying out and they need to breed with humans. However, human/alien hybrid babies will lack the Vs token undying devotion to their leader, unless Anna can figure out how to isolate and destroy their human emotion.

In addition, Earth is the only place the Vs can go to breed; all other planets are too far away. Anna is infertile now, but her daughter, Lisa, is just entering her fertility cycle, and is therefore the only hope for the V species to survive.

Finally, this seems to imply that Lisa’s often-referenced “mission” with Erica’s son, Tyler, is to mate with him. And to create a bunch of not-so-adorable lizard babies.

Get all that?

Good. Because not a whole lot else happened for the entire remaining 44 minutes of the episode. Read the rest of this entry »

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