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Covert Affairs Actor Starred in a Chuck-like Precursor

As much as I adore watching Covert Affairs (the new USA network spy drama I just blogged about), it definitely has made me want to see Christopher Gorham in some sort of role where he is not having to fake being blind.

So after a bit of internet research (okay… IMDB profile stalking), I discovered that Gorham was the star of his own spy drama back in the day. The show was called Jake 2.0, and it ran for one season before getting cancelled on UPN back in 2004.

Jake 2.0 is actually really similar to NBC’s 2007 spy dramaedy Chuck … in sense that a nerdy, awkward computer guy accidentally comes into contact with fancy technology and suddenly becomes a government superspy. Yeah. Very similar. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pre-Glee: Brittany

Before getting cast as the totally clueless cheerleader with hands-down some of the best lines on Glee, Heather Morris wasn’t even an actor at all. She was a professional dancer.

Remember in episode four, when Kurt, Tina, and Brittany did the Single Ladies dance? Guess who taught it to them?

Before she landed her role on Glee, Morris was touring as a back-up dancer for Beyonce. 

No joke. Watch the video below. (I wish I could flip my hair like that.) 

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Pre-Glee: Mr. Schue

I have to be honest. When I think of glee club director Will Schuester, the first thoughts that come to mind are him singing such 90s classics as Bust A Move, Ice Ice Baby or (the more recent) Kanye’s Gold Digger.  Seriously, how many songs can one white guy rap?

But just like showrunner Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison actually has some pretty legit Broadway triple-threat cred.

Get this: before coming to Glee, the 31-year-old actor played a role that I, personally, never saw coming.

You remember Hairspray – that movie musical that came out a couple of years ago? Plus size girl who loves to sing and dance … her mom was played by John Travolta in drag? (There’s a link to a photo of the DVD cover here.)

Anyway, the male love interest in the show was played by Zac Efron. (Back in the middle of that whole High School Musical craze, before anyone had even heard of Robert Pattinson or Twilight).

Efron, with all his prettyboy charisma; hair slicked back all sleek and Elvis-y, played Link Larkin – the most popular kid in school, who sang and danced on daily local TV for  The Corny Collins Show.

You may have heard that Hairspray was a play on Broadway before it was turned into the 2007 movie musical. Any guesses as to who played Efron’s Link on Broadway?


The video is kind of low quality. But you can totally tell its him.

As someone who bought the Hairspray soundtrack and swooned over every sweet, sweet word to come out of Efron’s beautiful lips (Please. It was three whole years ago. I was 19. Practically a child), I find it absolutley hilarious to listen to the same words coming out of the mouth of one briar patch-haired Mr. Schue.

Full disclosure – I really liked Will Schuester at the beginning of the season, but then he 1)was a jerk to Terri; 2)broke Emma’s heart; 3)made out with Idina Menzel while supposedly still in love with Emma; 4)was a total jerk to Sue in that one episode when she was actually starting to  be nice – so I’m really not a big fan of the Schuester right now.

Ergo … let’s watch some YouTube clips of Sue making fun of his hair.

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Pre-Glee: Rachel Berry

Glee may be her first big TV role, but Lea Michele has been acting on Broadway since she landed a role in Les Miserables at age 8.

Most recently, she performed the lead female role of Wendla on Broadway’s Spring Awakening, a rock musical about German teenagers exploring their sexuality in the late 19th century.

The lead male character – and Wendla’s love interest – is a boy named Melchoir, who just happend to be played by Jonathon Groff.

Groff was a re-occuring guest star thoughout the second season of Glee. He played Jesse St. James, the lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, who dated Rachel for multiple episodes (much to the chagrin of many Finnchel supporters, myself included).

So as angry as I was to see Rachel dating Jesse when it is so obvious that she is supposed to be with Cory Montieth‘s  quarterback Finn (Finn + Rachel = Finnchel, get it?) – I forgave the producers when I realized what a cool tie-in it was to bring Lea’s former on-stage love interest to be her current on-screen love interest.

Plus, Groff’s over in England doing some sort of musical theatre thing right now – which means that he likely won’t be back to complicate Finn and Rachel’s just-reestablished relationship until near the end of this upcoming season.

And that will bode well for all things Finnchel.

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