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References in Starship to Past StarKid Shows

Something particularly wonderful about StarKid shows is their amazing little habit of referencing, quoting, or stealing jokes from each other. This could be evil celebrity posters, pizza boxes with giant holes in them, ridiculous blue headbands … the list goes on and on. Any hardcore fan can tell you numerous examples.

Given this fact, it should come as no surprise that their most recent musical, Starship, contained numerous reference to previous StarKid endeavors. Below are the ones I’ve picked up on so far:

1. Choir rooms and cafeterias: excellent places for CUH-RYING

Krayonder (about Up): Like the other day, he was in the cafeteria just CUH-RYING in front of everybody.

Sally: Uh, nobody can come into this room yet, because Joey Richter is CUH-RYING in here! (MAMD)

2. Don’t stab Joe Moses! Read the rest of this entry »

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I Like Starship So Much, It’s Kind of Absurd

If I seem a bit distracted lately, it’s probably because I am.

I have had nothing but StarKid on my brain … ever since their latest musical, Starship, debuted on YouTube this Saturday. My mind is atwirl with the kooky images of colorful puppets and talking space bugs, adorable Joey Richter gifs, and catchy Darren Criss songs.

Plus, StarKid went all out for their fourth full-length theatre production. This ain’t some bare-bones stage on a college campus anymore. They’ve got gorgeous sets, detailed scenery, fancy microphones to improve sound quality … and the YouTube videos even have some snazzy lazers and other digital effects added in.

That sounds lovely – but what is the plot, you ask?

Actually, Starship is a lot like The Little Mermaid. (Well, if the Little Mermaid was a boy. And a bug. And lived in outer space.) Read the rest of this entry »


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This May or May Not Be the Desktop Image on My Computer Right Now

One of my very favorite scenes in all of Starship. (Plus, anyone else getting awesome flashbacks to MAMD?)

Oh, StarKid. Would you mind being not quite so awesome? You’re making it quite hard for me to focus on anything else in life. 😀

In other news: no Glee recap tonight. It was on. I watched it. And for once in my life, I didn’t really care enough to write anything.

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Saturday is Going to be the Best Day of My Life

I mean, I don’t know what you are doing this Saturday, April 30 at 7pm PT. But I will be extremely busy helping to break the internet – well, at least helping to break YouTube – as a bunch of fans like myself all scramble to watch what is only the greatest, most wonderful, most awesomest space bug comedy adventure romance musical to ever be performed on the face of the planet. Ever.

That’s right, kids. Starship, the new musical by A Very Potter Musical creators Team StarKid is premiering in LESS THAN TWO DAYS. There will be music (and Joey Richter), and dancing (and Joey Richter), and space bug puppets (and Joey Richter), and hilarious witty dialogue … (hopefully, a lot of which will be spoken by Joey Richter).

Starship will also feature a ton of awesome songs written by that one Darren kid from Glee. But none of the songs will be sung by Darren. (A lot of them will, however, be sung by Joey Richter.)

It’s a musical … about space, and bugs, and puppets. And space bug puppets. And it stars Joey Richter. And I have not been more excited about anything this much in a very, very long time now.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Darren Criss is the Only One He’s Dreaming Of

So I was going to write a Glee recap tonight .. and I promise I still will.

But before I sat down to write, I got a  little distracted by watching a video of Darren Criss. (Don’t worry, this happens to me quite frequently.) And obviously Darren is much cooler than writing some silly recap of Glee  – so sharing this anecdote therefore takes immediate blogging priority.

The video that spurred this little blogging frenzy was Glee-related anyway: It’s an interview and performance of the Warblers on The Today Show this morning. Darren was doing his usual singing-while-everybody-else-hums-along routine, when he suddenly flubbed a line. Read the rest of this entry »

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Julia Albain’s “A Glamorously Unglamorous Life” – Yep. I finished reading it already!

I promised to give an update after I finished reading Julia Albain’s new book, “A Glamorously Unglamorous Life.” And, yeah, her book might have only came in the mail last night, but I already finished reading it like hours ago! So here we go:

The 95-page book is composed of numerous journal-style blog entries, which Julia has mixed alongside numerous funny anecdotes or personal reflections. Each installment takes only a page or two, and the result is a quick pace and a simple read.

The story is Julia’s reflection of her first year after college. Having just graduated with her theatre degree from a university in the Midwest, the 23-year-old girl picks up and moves to New York for a year to pursue an acting career.

Young and single, she writes, I had nothing holding me back, and was in the mood for life-altering adventure. The time had come, today was the day. I was moving to NYC and was convinced I would never look back. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guess what?

Julia Albain’s book came today!


Well, it wasn’t late or anything. It was supposed to come either today or tomorrow. But when you’re really excited to read a book, even 5-6 business days seems like a freaking eternity to wait.

But there it was: sitting on the steps when I got home from work today. I tore open the packaging, pulled out the quaint little 95-page paperback, and promptly started reading. Read the rest of this entry »

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