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Where Are They Now: Firefly 

Nathan Fillion: Firefly’s quick-tongued, swashbuckling fearless leader Captain Mal now stars as the annoying-yet-lovable crime author-turned-police consultant Richard Castle in ABC’s Monday night drama Castle. (Read my “What I’m Watching” review of Castle here.)

He’s also the greatest sleazy superhero you have ever loved to hate: the self-centered Captain Hammer, arch nemesis of Neil Patrick Harris’ titular supervillan wannabe in the comedic musical internet sensation “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.”
(By the way, Dr. Horrible is hilarious. I’m even providing a YouTube link so you can go watch it right now). Read the rest of this entry »


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Cancelled TV Greats: Firefly

I do not know why they cancelled Firefly. I mean, it is a show about space cowboys. What’s not to love?

Seriously, though, as weird as the Wild West-meets-outer space concept may seem, Firefly was a well-written, engaging show. I really fell in love with the entire cast of characters, so I truly enjoy watching as the actors have showed up in various other TV shows since then.

Helmed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel creator Joss Whedon, Firefly premiered in 2002 and aired only 11 episodes before its mid-season cancellation.

Yet, sci-fi fans are known for being particularly zealous, so Firefly geeks put up enough of an outraged fuss that Whedon was able to get enough funding to produce the 2005 feature-length film Serenity, which allowed him to address lingering unanswered questions and wrap up the Firefly storyline. Read the rest of this entry »


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Castle and the Corpsicle

Season 2, episode 22; “Food to Die For.”

A top New York chef of reality television fame is found dead on the floor of his resturaunt kitchen. His body has been completely frozen in liquid nitrogen.

Tug on the hand and it literally shatters and breaks into a bunch of glass-like pieces. Now that’s a pretty cool crime scene.

Castle: “How’s our corpsicle?”

Coroner: “Thawing nicely. In spite of the obvious challenges, I found enough unaffected tissue to narrow time of death to between 2 and 4 am.”

This was a pretty cool episode overall. My favorite part was when Castle was at home in his kitchen dropping every piece of fruit in sight into a bowl of liquid nitrogen and then dropping it to smash into a million pieces on the floor. Again. And again. And again.

Then, he accidentally dropped a watch into the mixture.

“Hey, I just froze time.”

Ha ha. Funny, Castle. Funny.


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