Hey, I’m Finally Blogging About Glee Again! Weird.

Hello. My name is Beth. And I have a confession to make: Honestly, this is the first time all season that I’ve actually even wanted to blog about Glee.

That’s right. Season 3 sucks. I hate it. I miss Season 2. I want the Warblers back. I want Darren Criss in sporty blazers back. I miss last season. But tonight’s Season 3, Episode *: “Hold on to Sixteen.” Now? Finally, I think I’m in love again.

– Sam is back. And he has a personality this time! He’s like … not ten times more boring a random bump on a log. I approve of this change. (Also: Gosh he’s pretty. Did I mention he’s really pretty? I missed his face.)

– And apparently, one of the terms of allowing Chord Overstreet back on Glee is that he’s contractually obligated to be shirtless for a prearranged amount of time each episode. (Just pointing it out. Not complaining. Let’s be clear.)

– Oh, and Blaine is a boxer, apparently? He even started a branch of Fight Club while still back at Dalton. (Which naturally, he couldn’t talk about. Which is why we haven’t heard about it until now. Obviously.)

– Tina Cohen-Chang completely underused on this show. We never see her. Also, Jenna Ushkowitz has like the hottest boyfriend on the face of the planet ever. (He that one vampire/werewolf hybrid guy on The Vampire Diaries. No, not that one. The other one.)

I. Love. Damian McGinty. He is the cutest little kid ever and he needs to be on this show a lot longer than 6 episodes.

– Lindsay Pearce is amazing. I’m really sad that tonight is her last episode.

– I really want the Troubletones to win sectionals. They’re not going to. But I want them to.

– Scratch that. I want New Directions to win now. Loved their first song. Also? Samcedes is adorable. Somebody get them back together, stat.

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Glee Season 2 Finale: Finchel, Klaine and Samcedes … Oh, My!

Glee‘s season 2 finale tonight was awesome, as expected. The cast frolicked around New York City. Kurt and Rachel sang Wicked on a Broadway stage. There was a Patty LuPone cameo. New Directions took 12th place (out of 50) at Nationals. Finn and Rachel kissed.

This stuff is Glee finale awesomeness at it’s best.

But is it weird, then, that my favorite part of the entire episode actually happened once everybody was back home in Ohio?

It was barely even a five minute scene, but it was wonderful: Blaine said “I love you” to Kurt. And Kurt said “I love you” back. Read the rest of this entry »

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Glee Had a Funeral. And It Was Sad. (But Not Heartbreaking.)

The TV gossip world has been aflutter for weeks now with the news that Glee was killing someone off. The character was supposed to be beloved, and their death was teased as a game-changer that would rock the world of someone at McKinley High … and forever change the dynamic of the show.

The news left me pretty legitimately freaking out as I imagined which beloved character would be biting the dust. My initial guess was that Glee was killing off Kurt’s dad, who had a heart attack earlier this season. Then I thought it could be adorable guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury, since her death would have devastated poor Will.

At one point, I was even preparing myself for the loss of Blaine. (Hey, the spoilers said the death was unexpected, and that it was going to shatter us. Plus, remember all the talk that Blaine had been getting too much screentime this season? His death would certainly solve that problem real quick.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Drama Abounds in Glee’s “Prom Queen”

Disclaimer: Any sort of maturity I may usually possess has gone completely out the window for tonight’s Glee recap. I focus way too much on cute boys, use WAY TOO MANY capital letters, and otherwise act far too much like a 14-year-old child. Consider yourself warned.

I’ll start my recap of “Prom Queen” with three simple words:


Read the rest of this entry »

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References in Starship to Past StarKid Shows

Something particularly wonderful about StarKid shows is their amazing little habit of referencing, quoting, or stealing jokes from each other. This could be evil celebrity posters, pizza boxes with giant holes in them, ridiculous blue headbands … the list goes on and on. Any hardcore fan can tell you numerous examples.

Given this fact, it should come as no surprise that their most recent musical, Starship, contained numerous reference to previous StarKid endeavors. Below are the ones I’ve picked up on so far:

1. Choir rooms and cafeterias: excellent places for CUH-RYING

Krayonder (about Up): Like the other day, he was in the cafeteria just CUH-RYING in front of everybody.

Sally: Uh, nobody can come into this room yet, because Joey Richter is CUH-RYING in here! (MAMD)

2. Don’t stab Joe Moses! Read the rest of this entry »

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I Like Starship So Much, It’s Kind of Absurd

If I seem a bit distracted lately, it’s probably because I am.

I have had nothing but StarKid on my brain … ever since their latest musical, Starship, debuted on YouTube this Saturday. My mind is atwirl with the kooky images of colorful puppets and talking space bugs, adorable Joey Richter gifs, and catchy Darren Criss songs.

Plus, StarKid went all out for their fourth full-length theatre production. This ain’t some bare-bones stage on a college campus anymore. They’ve got gorgeous sets, detailed scenery, fancy microphones to improve sound quality … and the YouTube videos even have some snazzy lazers and other digital effects added in.

That sounds lovely – but what is the plot, you ask?

Actually, Starship is a lot like The Little Mermaid. (Well, if the Little Mermaid was a boy. And a bug. And lived in outer space.) Read the rest of this entry »


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This May or May Not Be the Desktop Image on My Computer Right Now

One of my very favorite scenes in all of Starship. (Plus, anyone else getting awesome flashbacks to MAMD?)

Oh, StarKid. Would you mind being not quite so awesome? You’re making it quite hard for me to focus on anything else in life. 😀

In other news: no Glee recap tonight. It was on. I watched it. And for once in my life, I didn’t really care enough to write anything.

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